Our Board helps make dreams come true.

Chosen for their passion, energy and dedication to educational pursuit, our Board of Directors is committed to helping the children and dependents of Phillips Edison associates receive the best education possible.  

Board of directors


Jeffrey S. Edison

CEO / Director

Jeff and his wife Leslie founded The Edison Foundation.  Jeff now serves as CEO and director of the foundation.  He is also a founding partner of Phillips Edison & Company and has served as a principal of the company since 1995. Jeff received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from Colgate University in 1982 and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School in 1984.  


Parilee Edison Wang

President / Director

"In a world with increasingly complex problems to solve, we need curious and creative leaders who have followed their passions to find answers. I believe in the power of higher education to nurture and hone today's students into those leaders of tomorrow. By reducing the ongoing financial and debt burden of higher education, we will enable students to follow their passions into areas that need their problem solving skills where they will be able to create the positive changes that our world needs." - Parilee Edison Wang

Parilee Edison Wang serves as the President and Director of the Foundation.  She is also Senior Director / Head of Product at Bread Finance.  Parilee received her bachelor's degree in international relations from Stanford University in 2008 and a masters in business administration from Harvard Business School in 2013.


Rachel Bosley

Independent Director

"My college education gave me innumerable benefits, including access to a network of intelligent, passionate, and ambitious people; interactions and education from accomplished professors on topics that - although significant to my personal growth and worldview - are not often addressed outside a college classroom; the opportunity to study abroad and experience an entirely different country; and the opportunity to grow alongside my peers and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.  I was fortunate to have parents who could afford to give me this experience, but my good fortune was due to luck, not merit. Scholarships like the ones that The Edison Foundation intends to provide allow students to select their school based on merit rather than family wealth, and make higher education in general accessible to those who may not otherwise consider it a viable option. - Rachel  Bosley

Rachel Bosley serves as an Independent Director for the Foundation.  She is also an associate with Latham and Watkins.  Rachel received her bachelor's degree in religious studies from Stanford University in 2009, a masters in sociology from Stanford University in 2009 and her Juris Doctor from the University of California, Berkely School of Law in 2017.


Molly Decker

Independent Director

"The cost of higher education is surging and college debt is weighing down more and more graduates and families every year.  The pursuit of higher education has been core to the “American Dream” for decades.  Helping reduce the financial burden can have a significant impact on the lives of students and their families." - Molly Decker

Molly Decker serves as an Independent Director for the Foundation.  She is also a Vice President at Goldman Sachs.  Molly received her bachelor's degree in economics from Stanford University in 2008.


Lauren Piec

Independent Director

"Education has the ability to equalize for a great number of things.  There is no cause more important than ensuring broad access to this tool - all those with the skill and hunger for higher education should be able to attain it without regard to their financial upbringing."  - Lauren Piec

Lauren Piec serves as an Independent Director for the Foundation.  She is also Senior Director, General Manager at TreeHouse Foods.  Lauren received her bachelor's degree in finance from The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business in 2006 and a masters in business administration from Harvard Business School in 2013.